What Naruto Character Would want to date YOU?

When Sai visits the hospital with his teammates in order to be introduced to his new team leader Kakashi following their failed mission, they also run into Team 10 when Asuma barges into Kakashi’s room uninvited. Here, Ino encounters Sai for the first time and she quickly becomes captivated by him due to finding him attractive. Ino can be seen staring and blushing at Sai’s presence when they’re at the hospital and she compliments his looks whilst talking to Sakura. Sakura tells Ino that although Sai is attractive, he has poor social skills but this doesn’t deter Ino from her interest in him. Ino, who has already become smitten upon meeting Sai, devises a plan to sit next to him so she can flirt with him as both their teams are invited to go to Yakiniku Q by Asuma. When Team 10 and Team 7 all go out to dinner, Ino sits next to Sai and begins flirting with him. Sai, having read in a book that you can form closer bonds with people by giving them nick-names based on their perceived personality traits, calls Ino “Miss Beautiful” gorgeous in the dub , causing her to blush and become flustered whereas Sakura becomes enraged as Sai previously called her “ugly” and Sakura was gleefully expecting him to do the same to Ino.

Who Is Your Naruto Boyfriend? (11 Outcomes And 30 Questions)

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Naruto quiz

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I’m dating someone. Advertisement. A bunch of baddies are attacking the Hidden Leaf Village.

Though the Naruto franchise most often focused on the title character and his teammates, there was a very large cast of characters around him, including some beloved teachers. About seven years before the events of Naruto began, Asuma and Hiruzen disagreed about life as a shinobi. Deciding he needed to figure out his life for himself, Asuma left the village, pursuing a new path.

While away, he began working for the leader of the entire Land of Fire. That sash is from the time he spent protecting the leader of the Land of Fire. During his travels, Asuma became a member of the Twelve Guardian Shinobi. This group of twelve highly skilled ninjas were responsible for making sure nothing bad happened to the leader.

Naruto dating quiz

I took a lot of quizzes like this,so I decided to make one. This is for fans of the show,but if other people want to,I guess they can take it too. I am so happy i finished this quiz,it took forever.

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You have New Private Message s! Read Now. Neji hyuuga you would date Neji. Neji is pretty mature, so dont expect to have a lot of fun, immature, and goofey times.

With guys/girls online dating websites have realized that my question was written in is one indication of a voluntary naruto dating quiz agreement to engage.

I’ll protect you with my life! What do you think or do?! You could be asked to head to Paris for lunch, take a private jet to go clubbing across the globe or even be invited to exclusive red carpet events. D’: 7 Your opinion of Naruto? Who do you think your guy will be? The hairs on the back of your neck stand up. I like being a leader.

Who is your naruto boyfriend?

When Titans show up at your doorstep, what do you do? Take our quiz and find out where you stand! You know Hello Kitty is a cat and that people are crazy about her.

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Kind and gentle. Stubborn but quiz of shy. Mysterious, dark, and kind long cold. Protective and determined. Energetic and dating loving. Results has a demon inside of him that’s very powerful. He has a doggy that your fight very well. He can use chidori. He’s good at hand to hand combat. He can eat five times his own weight quiz ramen. His eyebrows and hair style. His naruto can go up like a cockatoo. His dog only pretty funny.

Him, his boyfriend brother, and his older sister.

Which Naruto guy was made for you?

Where would you? Which naruto character would date you are you? All time. Which naruto character dating quiz features some questions that will date you? Not verified by picture test your sister.

Take this quiz! (I know, okay. I KNOW) What’s your favourite colour? (I’m SORRY) Favourite book/film genre? Your ideal guy is- (And add ‘tortured’ to the end of.

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Find out which of 5 eligible girls is your soul mate. The questions are made to be discrete so you find out the true soul mate from Naruto for you.

Gaara, Lee, Naruto, Neji etc. Remember this is just for fun I have no idea who you would date if you actually knew them. These plot lines are so bad and predictable me: lemme tell you what’s behind there is probably not what you think. Be stunned for a moment, then process what is happening and stare and hide behind the bushes and catch your breath, starting to laugh.

I didn’t see them they’re definately not in the forest! Thanks a ton! I saw them in the forest Thanks for the tipoff!

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Well i wanted to make my own quiz and liked the naruto quizzes so i made my own yeh! *waves little flags*. I hope you get the man of your dreams >_O. P.s sorry.

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Naruto Guy for You Quiz!!! (girls only plz)

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